Compressed Air Leak Surveys

Our engineers will conduct a survey of your site, locate all air leaks and provide you with a detailed report which includes photographs, actual costs per leak and recommendations as to the repairs required.

We also carry out compressed air leak surveys offshore and in hazardous areas. Click here to see our dedicated web page.

Take a look at a sample compressed air leak survey report... Ultrasonic Compressed Air Leak Survey Sample Report

Surveys are conducted without having to touch or isolate any plant or equipment and are extremely cost effective. We can cover a large area of plant in a single day.

A Survey is Simple to Set Up


The report we then issue is able to be easily updated by yourself as leaks are repaired and the program updates the actual savings made per area!

We will conduct a survey and get a detailed report to you within 4 working days.

Contact us for a completely free quotation or to arrange a survey at your convenience.

Our trained and experienced engineers use ultrasonic sensing equipment to:

  • Locate leaks.
  • Assess the size of the leak (to allow costs to be calculated).
  • Photograph and identify (tag) each individual leak.
  • Produce a full report which highlights each leak and gives you a cost breakdown of the individual leaks and total value of your wasted energy.

Contact Pixel Thermographics to discuss how we can help you and let us provide you with a free quotation by just giving us a few details.

Latest News

Sunday Times Use Pixel Thermographics

The Sunday Times newspaper recently commissioned us to carry out thermal imaging survey work in Central London to record images of stores which permanently leave doors open.

Several images were used for the article which can be viewed from the following link 


Offshore Compressed Air Leak Surveys

We now offer offshore compressed air leak surveys.
We have acquired intrinsically safe  detection and photographic equipment allowing our offshore certified surveyors to carry out complete surveys of platforms and FPSO's efficiently and safely.
We produce a detailed report which identifies each leak, its location, and severity allowing operations personnel to prioritise repairs and prevent system low pressure. Click here for more information


Marine Thermography Presentation at IMarEST

In September, Pixel Thermographics Director Mark Pedersen carried out a presentation to delegates at the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST) conference on Condition Based Maintenance. Examples were given along with advice on best practice when conducting thermographic surveys in the Marine industry.


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