Marine Surveys

Our surveyors are highly experienced in carrying out engine room and electrical system thermographic surveys. We carry out surveys on many types of vessel and have expertise in particular on:

  • Cruise Ships
  • Super Yachts
  • Ferries  
  • Tankers
  • FPSO's
  • Bulk Carriers

Electrical Inspections

Extremely hot terminal Digital arrow Extremely hot terminal IR

Electrical failures on marine vessels can put lives at risk. This connection on a control panel on a ship was extremely close to failure. The repair was carried out and re-inspected at the time of the survey ensuring the safety and continued operation of this critical system.

Our engineers will meet a ship at a given embarkation point and carry out a survey while the vessel is in transit. We are able to produce reports immediately upon completion to ensure that safety issues are dealt with effectively and quickly.

Marine Electrical Thermographic Survey Sample Report

Heathrow Saving PDF

Click here to view this marine electrical thermographic survey sample report which contains a number of typical examples of the types of fault that can be detected during a marine electrical thermographic survey.

Engine Room Equipment Inspection - SOLAS

solas-regulations arrow solas-regulations-IR
SOLAS regulations stipulate maximum surface temperatures within ship engine rooms to prevent catastrophic damage or fire. Our engineers carry out surveys to highlight missing or damaged insulation which allows you to carry out repairs or replacement of only the required areas.

Marine Engine Room Thermographic Survey Sample Report

Heathrow Saving PDF

Click here to download this engine room thermographic survey sample report which contains a number of typical examples of the types of fault that can be detected during SOLAS Compliance Thermographic Survey survey.

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Latest News

Issue of the Week - May 2016 - Week 1

A compressed air leak survey will locate all leaks on a site and once located we:

 Take Details of the Location and nature of the leak
 Individually number each leak
 Photograph the leak
 Cost each individual leak

A report is produced which details all compressed air leaks found and is issued to you within 5 working days.

The image above shows a leaking regulator valve body which was costing the client over £500 per year in wasted generating costs!

Thermal Imaging Survey - Issue of the Week - April 2016 - Week 4

Things are hotting up on the thermal imaging front (pardon the pun) and we have decided to keep the page updated with an 'Issue of the Week' section!

This week is a good old fashioned electrical fault identified during an electrical thermographic survey at a hospital which was picked up by Stuart Robinson.

This is a main supply to a distribution board where a loose connection was identified. The site engineer was on hand to carry out the repair as directed by Stuart. The second image shows that the repair has been carried out successfully and a major problem was averted!


Stuart Robinson Joins the Pixel Team

In January 2016 we welcomed Stuart Robinson to the team as a Thermographer.

Stuart has a wealth of experience in the construction industry and electrical systems.

He has already settled in well and is a valuable member of our team conducting thermal imaging surveys and compressed air leak surveys.

Stuart in action on an electrical thermographic survey


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