Oil & Gas Industry Thermographic Surveys

Offshore platforms and FPSO's are prime locations to carry out a thermographic survey.

Safety, reliability and productivity are critical areas where a thermographic survey is able to not only identify breakdowns before they occur but to also allow maintenance teams to schedule lengths of shutdowns based on scientific and clear evidence of damage, blockages or restrictions.

Key areas where a thermographic survey in the oil and gas industry can be carried out include:

  • Electrical Surveys of Switchgear, Control Panels, UPS Systems etc.
  • Separator Sediment Level Mapping
  • Rotating Equipment Inspections
  • Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Surveys
  • Heat Exchanger Analysis
  • Turbine System & Exhaust Heat Shield Analysis
  • Ultrasonic Compressed Air Leak Surveys

Oil & Gas Electrical Thermographic Survey

Electrical Surveys arrow Electrical Surveys IR

Our highly experienced electrical thermal imaging surveyors carry can carry out an electrical thermographic survey of your installation without interrupting supplies.
We have a proven track record of identifying mayor problems and preventing costly breakdowns.

Thermographic surveys within the oil & gas sector provide operators with the opportunity to make huge savings in production costs, fewer breakdowns and reduced loss of production. We have extensive experience in working both onshore and offshore.

Separator Sediment Level Inspection

Separator Sediment Level Inspection Digital arrow Separator Sediment Level Inspection IR

Sediment level mapping within tanks and separators is an extremely powerful technique requiring expertise, experience and highly sophisticated equipment. We regularly survey vessels and map the sediment levels to allow cleaning exercises to be planned and accurately costed.

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Surveys

Corrosion Under Insulation arrow Corrosion Under Insulation IR

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a major problem on installations and refineries where damaged insulation allows water to penetrate and then corrode vessels or pipes from the outside. We are able to detect these areas and report the locations to allow remedial work to take place.

Our engineers carry out surveys, can give advice on types of surveys and we also set up and implement thermal imaging programmes on offshore installations.

We have highly trained and experienced engineers who have many years of experience in condition monitoring within the petrochemical sector.

Heat Exchanger Analysis

Heat Exchanger Analysis arrow Heat Exchanger Analysis IR

This heat exchanger was significantly blocked by a sea water filter which had disintegrated. Our trained and experienced surveyor was able to highlight this during a survey on an offshore platform.

Prior to a survey we will provide a full risk assessment and method statement detailing how we conduct the survey and the precautions we take to ensure our work is completed safely and efficiently.

We have in house engineers who hold offshore survival qualifications and who have extensive offshore experience.

Turbine & Exhaust Stack Heat Shield Monitoring

Turbine & Exhaust arrow Turbine & Exhaust IR

We carry out surveys of turbine systems and exhausts to check the integrity and wear of internal heat shield linings to ensure safe continual operation.

Compressed Air Leak Surveys

We carry out compressed air leak surveys on offshore installations and FPSO vessels. Surveys are carried out using intrinsically safe detection and photographic equipment.

Click here to see our dedicated offshore compressed air leak survey page.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

 to discuss how we can help you.

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Latest News

Issue of the Week - May 2016 - Week 4

We have located hundreds of flat roof leaks over years of carrying out investigations and surveys.

Leaks come in all different shapes and sizes and very often the ingress point (cause of the leak) is not where the client expected it to be. Our surveyors are highly experienced in conducting inspections and surveys to locate the source of water ingress.

The leak site shown in the image below is a typical problem we find on many roof systems and is a defect on the pointing around a lead flashing detail.

This particular failure was located just below an angled section of wall which was directing rainwater directly into the gap which was then making its way into the office below.

The leak had remained unsolved for 2 years prior to our arrival and we also identified 3 other water ingress points.

Issue of the Week - May 2016 - Week 1

A compressed air leak survey will locate all leaks on a site and once located we:

 Take Details of the Location and nature of the leak
 Individually number each leak
 Photograph the leak
 Cost each individual leak

A report is produced which details all compressed air leaks found and is issued to you within 5 working days.

The image above shows a leaking regulator valve body which was costing the client over £500 per year in wasted generating costs!

Thermal Imaging Survey - Issue of the Week - April 2016 - Week 4

Things are hotting up on the thermal imaging front (pardon the pun) and we have decided to keep the page updated with an 'Issue of the Week' section!

This week is a good old fashioned electrical fault identified during an electrical thermographic survey at a hospital which was picked up by Stuart Robinson.

This is a main supply to a distribution board where a loose connection was identified. The site engineer was on hand to carry out the repair as directed by Stuart. The second image shows that the repair has been carried out successfully and a major problem was averted!



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