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ATEX Rated Compressed Air Leak Surveys

Friday, February 24, 2017

We have carried out ultrasonic compressed air leak surveys for many years across all industries. We were recently instructed to carry out a survey of a site which was predominantly classed as hazardous areas meaning that ATEX rated or intrinsically safe equipment is required to be able to work in the area.

Compressed Air Leak SurveyThe survey was carried out over a 3 day period and our surveyor identified over 90 compressed air leaks across the site which was calculated as costing the site over £21,000 per year in wasted energy costs!

Compressed air is your most expensive resource and many sites operate with leakage rates of over 50%. Often the noise from leaks builds over time so becomes 'normal' background noise. When the leaks are subsequently fixed we often receive feedback that it has transformed the ambience of the site and that operators hadn't realized just how much noise the leaks create.

Another major benefit and the most important one is cost. Often if a site operates a bank of compressors and the leaks are resolved then it is noted that for example instead of normally running 3 compressors the site now only runs on 2. The energy savings are significant.

Even small sites with relatively low compressed air use can benefit from a compressed air leak survey and we often find that the cost of the survey is often recovered within 1 hour of starting the survey!

ATEX rated equipment can be used on any site. We have carried out surveys on oil rigs, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, power stations and manufacturing sites.

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