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Thermographic Surveys of Server Rooms

Monday, August 13, 2018

Thermographic surveys of server rooms, Comms rooms and UPS rooms allows us to detect problems which if left unresolved can lead to catastrophic failure of networks, safety systems and communications within a business.

Virtually all businesses large and small rely heavily on server panels and it is only when there is a problem or a power outage that they realise just how heavily this reliance is. Think how catastrophic your loss of WiFi at home seems to the kids!

This failed cooling fan on a power supply module was identified during a routine electrical inspection of a site which included distribution boards, switchboards, server room equipment and control panels. A failure of this power supply module would have resulted in a total shutdown of the business and huge financial penalties!

An electrical thermographic survey is easy to arrange, requires no power outage and can be carried out quickly and efficiently.