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Thermographic Inspection for BREEAM Compliance

We are certified to carry out Thermographic Inspections of buildings to gain a BREEAM compliance credit. Our highly experienced Level 2 surveyors hold all necessary certifications and our procedures meet all the requirements for this type of inspection. Surveys are carried out once the building envelope is complete and heating must be on.

Thermographic Inspection

A thermographic inspection for BREEAM compliance can be carried out once your building envelope is complete and heating is on.

Our professional and certified Level 2 Thermographers will carry out your thermographic Inspection for BREEAM compliance in accordance with all necessary standards and current regulations.

A thermographic survey involves imaging the external envelope of the building with a view to confirming:

  • Continuity of insulation is in accordance with the construction drawings.
  • Avoidance of excessive thermal bridging.
  • Avoidance of air leakage paths through the fabric (except through intentional openings).

Where anomalies are identified during the thermographic inspection, then our highly experienced buildings surveyors will carry out an initial investigation as to the suspected cause. We will highlight the issues within our report and provide as much help as possible in identifying remedial work required to gain a credit for a BREEAM compliance thermographic survey.

The technique in completely non-invasive and non-destructive meaning that the building suffers no mechanical or physical damage at all.

To achieve effective results from a thermographic inspection for BREEAM compliance it is important to consider the environmental conditions present at the time of the survey.

As a minimum, the following conditions should be complied with.

  • A temperature differential between internal and external areas of at least 11°C exists.
  • Heating systems within the building are operational.
  • Necessary surfaces are free from direct solar radiation for at least four hours.
  • No precipitation either just prior to or during the survey.
  • Building surfaces to be inspected are dry.
  • Average wind speed to be less than 10 mph.

As well as temperature, there are other environmental conditions that should also be taken into account when planning a thermographic building survey. Surveys for example, may be influenced by radiation emissions and reflections from adjacent buildings or a cold clear sky, and even more significantly the influence the sun may have on surface temperatures.

Thermographic Inspection for BREEAM Compliance Sample Report (1470 KB)

Contact us for a free quotation for a thermographic inspection. All we need are a few details such as elevation drawings, floor plans and building location to provide a quotation.

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