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Finding Flat Roof Leaks With Thermographic Surveys

A thermographic survey is an extremely powerful and effective method of finding flat roof leaks. Surveys are carried out on the roof itself and no damage is caused to the roof system. Our surveyors will conduct the survey to identify the location of water within the roof and this enables us to home in on the exact cause of the leak itself.

Thermographic Surveys

Finding roof leaks by using a Thermographic survey is an often overlooked or misunderstood technique which allows experienced surveyors to identify moisture within flat roofs and locate the source(s) of the leak.

When water penetrates a roof system it is absorbed by the insulation materials and may result in a leak within the building which can be a significant distance from the actual leak point. Finding roof leaks such as this can be extremely costly due to damage caused and disruption to the operation of buildings.

A thermographic survey of a flat roof is an extremely effective method of finding roof leaks.

By using our high specification thermal imaging equipment and expert knowledge we are highly competent in finding roof leaks. Our survey report will then advise as to the actual extent of the damage and the cause. A Thermographic survey is usually carried out during one visit to site and no damage is caused to your roof.

Roofing companies are not always the best people to advise on condition of roofs as they have a vested interest in carrying out major refurbishment work or roof replacement activities.

Our thermographic survey is a completely independent and professional inspection. We do not carry out repair work or remedial work so have nothing to gain by misreporting problems.

A thermographic survey inspection is carried out:

  • As a method of finding roof leaks
  • To highlight extent of water ingress within roof structures.
  • Prior to expiry of warranty to prove that a roof is leak free.
  • After repair or renewal work to prove effective installation.

Following a survey we produce a detailed professional report within 4 working days which highlights our findings. The report contains thermal images and digital images along with analysis and our recommendations.

 Roof Leak (Thermal Imaging) Sample Report (3589 KB)

Prior to the survey we will provide a full risk assessment and method statement detailing how we conduct the survey and the precautions we take to ensure our work is completed safely and efficiently.

Contact Pixel Thermographics to discuss how we can go about finding roof leaks for you and let us provide you with a completely free quotation by just giving us a few details such as roof materials, size and location.

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