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Corrosion Under Insulation Inspection

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) surveys are carried out to identify moisture within insulated pipelines and vessels which is likely to cause corrosion of concealed steel. Pixel Thermographics have extensive experience in conducting this type of survey and have helped prevent significant expense by detecting entrapped areas of moisture.

Corrosion under insulation inspection using thermal imaging is a specialist inspection activity requiring a great degree of experience and knowledge.

Our surveyors have carried out CUI inspection surveys for our clients for many years throughout the world and have extensive experience in identifying moisture trapped within insulated pipelines and vessels.

Corrosion can occur at low temperatures, ambient temperatures or on heated processes and can result is leaks or plant shutdowns. CUI inspection should be carried out whether plant has been running or not.

The major benefit of conducting a thermal imaging corrosion under insulation inspection is cost. Surveys can be carried out without having to scaffold large areas of plant and equipment to allow inspectors to access in the traditional way and conduct invasive inspection.

Corrosion under insulation inspection surveys are carried out on foot using hand held thermal imaging equipment along with a digital camera. We require isometric drawings of the plant and equipment so that we can include very specific location details within our reports which help when remedial work is planned.

Materials of construction are critical to us to understand whether a thermal imaging corrosion under insulation inspection is viable. Not all materials are suitable for thermal imaging CUI inspection so we would need details of the insulation details of your plant – in particular the outer material.

Upon completion of a survey we provide a comprehensive report which contains thermal images, digital images, details of the exact location and item where the suspected moisture is present and a marked up Isometric drawing.

During a corrosion under insulation inspection our surveyors often also identify other defects or problems which we will highlight in the report if we believe they are relevant and important to the integrity of your plant and equipment.

Corrosion Under Insulation Inspection Sample Report (970 KB)

Contact us to discuss CUI inspection and we will be able to advise your best options and costs of having a survey undertaken on your site. Our surveyors have worked extensively in the Oil & Gas industry and have all necessary offshore certifications.

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